Indra Wahyudi
Indra Wahyudi
Proses proofreading sangat cepat (7 hari) dan profesional. Hasil dari proofreading sangat baik dan sesuai dengan standard journal international Scopus. Alhamdulillah semua artikel saya yang di Proofreading sama Good Lingua accepeted di dua journal Inderscience dari UK dengan biaya publikasinya $0 alias gratis. Artikel saya disubmit di International Journal of Production and Quality Management (IJPQM) terindex Scopus Q2, dan Global Business l, and Economics Review (GBER) terindex Scopus Q3 dari Indersciense Prosesnya dari submit sampai accepted 6 dan 10 bulan.. Thanks GoodLingua.
Muhamad Roem
Muhamad Roem
Respon Cepat, Komunikatif dan Terpercaya... Rekomended
muhamad uyun
muhamad uyun
Bagus Hermanto
Bagus Hermanto
The one of the best proofreader service for academic publishing. It is worth recommended for other authors or researchers to proofread their research with GoodLingua. I have been published two paper that proofread by Good Lingua, and both of them published on the Q1 Law - Legislation journal.
Indar Gunadin
Indar Gunadin
Dr Rico Januar
Dr Rico Januar
Boge Triatmanto
Boge Triatmanto
Hermie M. M Tendean
Hermie M. M Tendean
Muhamad Galang Isnawan
Muhamad Galang Isnawan
Febby JP
Febby JP

Jasa Proofreading dan Jasa Translate Paper Untuk Jurnal Scopus, WoS atau SINTA, sebuah Jasa Proofreading dan Jasa Translate paper untuk Jurnal Scopus, WoS, IEEE atau SINTA . Kami bekerjasama dengan Native dan First English Speaker, untuk membuat kalimat pada paper lebih natural, mengalir dan tentunya readable dibaca oleh Editor dan Reviewer Jurnal.

Jurnal internasional terutama yang terindeks Scopus, WoS, atau IEEE mensyaratkan sebuah sebuah paper telah diperbaiki oleh native speaker, first english speaker atau English official. Kami memiliki staff pada bidang Engineering, Social Science, Biology, Medical, Business, Management, Language dan Agriculture.

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sebagian kecil poRTOFOLIO KAMI
(klik di judul paper untuk mengakses)

  1. Islam Nusantara: An integration opportunity between Christianity and culture in Indonesia, Journal of HTS Teologiese Studies / Theological Studies, Q1 SCOPUS
  2. The Effect of Corporate Entrepreneurship on Firm Performance: Evidence from Lubricant Distributor Firms in Indonesia, International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management, Q3 SCOPUS.
  3. Embracing Mapalus tradition management values for Christian religious education, Journal of HTS Teologiese Studies / Theological Studies, Q1 SCOPUS
  4. How should Indonesia consider its neglected tropical diseases in the COVID-19 era? Hopes and challenges (Review), Biomedical Reports, Q2 SCOPUS
  5. Comparison Epidemiology between Tuberculosis and COVID-19 in East Java Province, Indonesia: An Analysis of Regional Surveillance Data in 2020, Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease, Q1 SCOPUS
  6. Post-occupancy evaluation of Pagerjurang Permanent Housing after the Merapi volcanic eruption, Journal of Architecture and Urbanism, Q2 SCOPUS.
  7. Reconstructing Post-Earthquake Settlement Using Community Deliberation Participation Approach In Yogyakarta-Indonesia, Planning Malaysia, Q2 SCOPUS.
  8. City tourism branding resilience during the Covid-19 pandemic in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Spatium, Q1 SCOPUS
  9. The Transformation Of Residential Spatial And Form In Kauman Village Yogyakarta, Journal of Islamic Architecture, Q3 SCOPUS
  10. Supporting and inhibiting factors of accepting COVID-19 booster vaccination in the elderly in north Jakarta, Indonesia, Pharmacy Practice, Q2 SCOPUS
  11. Evaluation of seagrass beds as a foraging and nursery habitat based on the structure of the fish community in Nusmapi Island, West Papua, Indonesia, Biodiversitas Journal of Biological Diversity, Q3 SCOPUS.
  12. Deliberate legislative reforms to improve the legislation quality in developing countries: case of Indonesia, Theory and Practice of Legislation, Q1 SCOPUS.
  13. Assessment of Land and Water Conservation Practices Against Runoff and Erosion, Polish Journal of Environmental Studies, Q3 SCOPUS.
  14. Soil Infiltration In Various Areas As A Basis For Hydrlogical Alterations In The Toboli Watershed, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, Water Conservation and Management, Q3 SCOPUS.
  15. Omnibus legislation as a tool of legislative reform by developing countries: Indonesia, Turkey and Serbia practice, The Theory and Practice of Legislation, Q1 SCOPUS.
  16. The urgency of strengthening health information to support public perception and involvement in the COVID-19 vaccine, Gaceta Sanitaria Journal, Q3 SCOPUS
  17. Analyzing the Adoption of Clean and Healthy Living Behaviors against COVID-19 Students in Indonesia, Open Public Health Journal, Q3 SCOPUS.
  18. Disempowering Traditional Spatial Arrangement of Dayak Community: A Case Study of Tumbang Marikoi Village, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, Forest and Society, Q2 SCOPUS.
  19. Stability And Antibacterial Activity Test Of Nanosilver Biosynthetic Hydrogel, International Journal of Applied Pharmaceutics, Q3 SCOPUS
  20. Growth and Yield of Different Varieties of True Shallot Seed on Highland in West Sumatra, Indonesia, International Journal of Agronomy, Q2 SCOPUS.
  21. First_page settings Order Article Reprints Open AccessArticle The Approach in Selecting the Best Genetic Resistance against Invasive Aphid for Indigenous Tropical Pinus merkusii Jungh. et de Vriese in Indonesia, Forests, Q1 SCOPUS.
  22. Sediment dynamics and depositional environment on Panjang Island reef flat, Indonesia: insight from grain size parameters, AACL Bioflux, Q3 SCOPUS.
  23. The Effect of Ethanolic Extract of Myrmecodia pendans on Gentamicin Induced Nephrotoxicity in Wistar Rats, International Journal of Veterinary Science, Q3 SCOPUS.
  24. Erythrocyte, Hemoglobin and Hematocrit Profile of Bali Cattle during the Various Periods of Parturition, Journal of Animal Health and Production, Q3 SCOPUS.
  25. Coccidiosis and Hemorrhagic Necrotic Typhlitis in Broilers Fed without Antibiotic Growth Promoter, Journal of Advanced Veterinary Research, Q3 SCOPUS.
  26. The mediating effect of proactive knowledge sharing among transformational leadership, cohesion, and learning goal orientation on employee performance, Business: Theory and Practice, Q3 SCOPUS.
  27. Effect of agarwood leaf extract on production performance of broilers experiencing heat stress, Veterinary World, Q2 SCOPUS.
  28. The Meanings of Architectural Spaces in Vernacular Settlements: The Batak Toba Tribe in the Meat Village, Toba, Indonesia, ISVS E-journal, Q1 SCOPUS.
  29. Android Based House Mart Application, Journal of Computer Science, Q4 SCOPUS.
  30. Haloacetic Acids Formation Potential of Tropical Peat Water DOM Fractions and Its Correlation with Spectral Parameters, Water, Air, and Soil Pollution, Q2 SCOPUS.
  31. Earnings management determinants: Comparison between Islamic and Conventional Banks across the ASEAN region, Asia Pacific Management Review, Q1 SCOPUS.

KERJASAMA DENGAN Jurnal dan Conference

Jasa Proofreading dan Translate untuk Scopus Terbaik di Indonesia

Jasa Proofreading Kami Menyediakan :

Proofreading Paper

Paper yang akan disubmit di jurnal terindeks scopus sudah ditranslate dalam bahasa Inggris. Kami memperbaiki setiap paper anda membuat kalimat lebih natural, mengalir, dan readable untuk editor dan reviewer.

Translate Paper

Paper masuk ke kami masih dalam bahasa Indonesia. Kami mentranslate, termasuk melakukan proofreading membuat kalimat lebih natural, mengalir, dan readable untuk editor dan reviewer.

Similarity Index

Jurnal memiliki syarat similarity antara 10-20%. Kami memastikan paper anda dalam range yang telah ditentukan oleh jurnal terindeks scopus. Silahkan konsultasi kami, berapa similarity indeks sekarang dan berapa persen target .


Terima kasih atas bantuan Proofreading dengan hasil sangat baik dan komunikasi yang profesional. Paper saya sudah di Accep di jurnal Crop Protection, Elsevier, Q1.

Budi, dosen Universitas Hasannudin

Terima kasih. bantuan translasi dan proofreading, paper diterima di Q1, saat ini sedang tahap production dari publisher nya. Paper kami di accept di Noise Mapping Journal Q1.

Arif W , Dosen Universitas Diponegoro

Selamat pagi bu, per minggu lalu artikel kami yang dibantu proofreadingnya sudah terbit, terima kasih atas supportnya, Paper di accept di Jurnal Pengurusan UKM, Business and International Management, Q3, Scopus.

Muhammad Imran, Dosen Universitas Surabaya

Mau mengabarkan bahwa paper saya di accept di Journal of Research on Technology in Education, Scopus Q1, SJR 1.19. Kualitas Goodlingua sangat bagus, lebih bagus dari Enago.

Johan, Dosen Universitas Gadjah Mada

Assalamualaikum, Alhamdullilah 2 paper saya yang di Proofread sebelumnya, Keduanya di accept jurnal elsevier kategory Q1. Jurnal Vacuum dan Journal of materials research and Technology

Widya Universitas Sam Ratulangi

Ibu terima kasih, paper kami sudah di accepted di Case Studies in Thermal Engineering. Jurnal ini adalah jurnal Top Elsevier, Scopus, Q1. Kami ucapkan terima kasih atas bantuan Proofreadnya

Dr. Wahyu, Dosen Universitas Negeri Medan

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